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Earlier this week I was able to attend the Downtown Reading Art box walking tour. While my 3 year old can draw better than me, I can appreciate all the hard work these artists as well as the town and other volunteers that made this happen. From the plain green boxes in other towns, Reading has a story behind all of them.

A couple of did you knows from the tour:

Did you know that the box on the corner of Haven and Main (The Blacksmith), done by Ruth Clark, has 7 animals on it? More importantly, one of them is Limpy, our former town turkey =(

Did you know the artist for the box at the corner of Washington and Main, Kim Matthews, her dad actually help build the old Imagination Station playground in Reading decades ago?

Did you know that four of the boxes are actually wrapped by graphic designer, Franklin Marval?They all appear quite seamless.

You can read more in-depth about all of the artists and stories here: