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Yesterday, I was able to attend an event that rarely ever happens. James Liston suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the ice at the Burbank Ice Arena back in December. Burbank Assistant Manager Jim Brown and Office Manager Melissa Vecchio, both sprung into action after being notified of a skater being down. Melissa immediately called 911 while Jim single-handedly dragged Mr. Liston across the ice, attached the arenas defibrillator and performed CPR. Reading Police and Fire showed up minutes later and transported Mr. Liston to the Lahey Clinic.

Today, Mr. Liston has made a full recovery and an event was held at the Burbank Ice Arena to celebrate his success story as well as all of the individuals that came together to save his life.

Thank you to everyone involved that made sure Wendy has her husband still, his children still have their father and he gets to see his grand kids. ❤🖤🤍

To see video from the event, please check out

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