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Did you know that Reading stands to lose $300k a year in cell carrier leases because they have to relocate to a new location? There is absolutely nothing signed that says they have to or will even come back after 2 years. Did you also know that Verizon isn’t even located on that tower? Why won’t the carriers just move to where Verizon is instead and cut their losses? Worst case scenario, what if they offered a neighbor well over asking price for their house, knocked it down and built a 200′ tower themselves? The FCC allows them to do so. Then, they don’t have to worry about paying anyone and they recoup their investment in a short period of time and own the land. The town, the residents up there, you and I lose in the end. Maybe this all could have been avoided if there was any communication and transparency along the way.

Video below.

Lots of interesting articles on the topic as well:

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