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As I sit down and reflect on the events from last night, one thing keeps coming to my mind and that’s class. Jackie McCarthy was and still is a class act. She handled herself with dignity and grace, not only during meetings but outside of that room. She was fair and balanced, which is what everyone in Reading should be looking for in those that represent the town as a whole. I’m glad I was able to publicly thank her on that during a meeting last year and here again.

Jackie always looked at me for comment before moving on and gave me ample time and leeway to express my views on various issues. While we always didn’t agree, nor should you want that, we did so respectfully and collaboratively. She was great to both of my girls but especially my littlest Savannah. That kind of trusting relationship came naturally for Jackie, that’s who she is.

I am still saddened that she will no longer be leading us forward but her reasons are her reasons, nobody else’s. We all make decisions for what’s best for our family and hopefully we can all respect that. I’m sure she will still be running every 5K in town and I know I’ll be there cheering her on. Hopefully all of you will be as well. Thank you Jackie for your time, friendship and leadership. You are a class act β€οΈπŸ–€πŸ€.

In terms of the 2 items that came up last night during the meeting, my town manager comments can be seen on RCTV and I was not one of the two individuals that reached out regarding it.

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